Full Service Grooming

Regular grooming promotes healthy skin and coat.  In order for an animal’s cost to remain shiny and reduce shedding it requires brushing to remove the dead coat and dander. This brushing will stimulate the healthy oils in the skin, promote new coat growth, and lessen the shedding.

Regular cleaning of the ears with help reduce the doggy odor some dogs have.  The most common type of ear infection is a yeast infection.  Cleaning the ear with a specially formulated ear cleaner will help to change the PH in the ear canal, reducing the chance of ear infections.

Dental disease is the most common ailment in pets, this can be reduced to a minimal problem by regular teeth brushing.  Pets need to have their teeth brushed with a pet toothpaste that does not foam and irritate their stomachs.  Routine brushing will help keep their breath fresh and reduce tarter build up.

All of these things can be done by our professional groomers, to help maintain your happy healthy.

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